I sat out on the harbour sketching for an hour or so today. Went out later with a tshirt on and when I came back I noticed that my first outing had left me with sunburned shoulders/upper chest/upper back

Today I discovered that seagulls are amazing.
The ones here eat crabs, and in order to do that, they scoop em up, then fly over to the rocks and drop them from a height then eat them. Clever birdys.

Doctor appt.

So I just got back from seeing my new doctor. They don’t have the same type of testosterone in Canada to what I’ve been using so he’s put me on cypionate 100, to be taken every 2 weeks.
I’m kinda glad tbh, I’ve wanted to make a switch to something less thick and easier to administer. It cost me $45 for 10 doses, which by my math, is cheaper than in England.
The downside is that my bloodwork is going to cost $200 so I’m gonna have to save for that.

Getting friend requests on bodyspace from muscular dudes who are all positive and encouraging about my progress is the best thing.

Today I did 60 incline sit-ups, and I’d managed about 7 pull-ups before Jordan accidentally hit me in the face at point blank range with a medicine ball and it really hurt. I got a sucky headache from it so I cut my workout short and came home.
I also went down to the river today and sat on the rocks. I looked around to see this heron staring at me about 8ft away.
It wasn’t scared but it gave itself a minute to figure out whether i was going to hurt it or not. Once it realised I wasn’t, it continued to fish right in front of me. It was so incredible to see something like that so close up, and in that moment of happiness some damn snake suddenly appeared on a nearby rock and scared me to death.

I’ve gotten a lot of followers over the last 24 hours. Wouldn’t have anything to do with those gym progress pictures I posted would it?

So I got the laundry going, Jordan used her running shoes at larp last week and they smelled so bad we had to bag them up until we got loonies. They’re in the dryer now and I feel like an asshole because they’re banging around but it’s the best way to dry them.
Also I’m cleaning the couch cushion cases today because I don’t think they’ve ever been washed? I also have the cushions themselves outside getting some air. When I took them off I found an eraser, pen, some almonds and a bunch of other debris. Gross right? I think we should clean it more often.
Jordan’s still asleep but I’m gonna wake her up at midday so she can make us something to eat before we go to the gym…. And so I can also clean the bed sheets.

Hey Evan, imagine no more. Damn I should have been sassy enough to wear the sunglasses on my flying lesson.

So today is yet another amazing warm day and I didn’t want to waste it being inside. After the gym I headed down the harbour and spent like half an hour laying in the sun, and when I got up and opened my eyes, everything was in a blue hue. I completely lost all warm-tone colour vision. It took about 10 minutes to come back to me so yeah, definitely not doing that without sunglasses again.
I tried on a bunch of different sunglasses in the drug store but none of them suited me. I used to have a few pairs of aviators but they’re in England.

Here’s two other shots because I like myself today.