so my order from the united store arrived. Along with a $47 customs fee -.-

but yeah, I’m stoked. I love it! The shorts are from the season before last but I love the pattern on them as opposed to just plain black which they usually have.

Vespa didn’t come to wake me up at all during the time I actually got to sleep, which is unlike her. she usually jumps at the chance to sleep on the bed with me but she slept in the other room all night. 

I just looked up how I can help her out and these websites all say that it could also be a medical thing causing the issue. Now, I remember when we took her to the vet at the beginning of the year and they said to bring her back in to get some work done in her mouth because if it’s left untreated, it can get really bad. The cost is about $850 so we said we’d wait until summer while we save up. 

There’s patches of fur missing from the back of her leg and that is absolutely stress from something, but they’ve been there longer than this ginger cat posing a serious threat. idk. I feel like I’ve got a lot of convincing to do to convince jordan to have her checked out. 

My new laptop has arrived! yay!

Weird because UPS rescheduled the delivery for tomorrow even though it came today? They did that with the last thing I had delivered through them too. 

Not that I mind, but it would be quite annoying for people who book a day off of work only to find it gets rescheduled.

edit: just checked, my order from Manchester United’s online megastore is out for delivery today too!! Oh this is so exciting! Last time I had a present-season shirt was when I was 10/11. This is my first ever one with my name on the back too. aw. things.

UK: Motion to introduce gender neutral passports gains cross party support

This. This is amazing. The UK fails on many things but it’s really making great gains in a push for equality. Hopefully being part of the commonwealth, Canada will take note of this because I know Jordan would want non-gender on her passport for sure!

(Jordan doesn’t mind female pronouns being used but she totally wants people to not know her gender)

Argh. My mum is going to be here tomorrow! I don’t really know how I feel about it. It doesn’t seem real yet. 

I’m also nervous of a few things because Jordan doesn’t seem to get on with her and I’m worried it’ll be a disaster.

And i know, jordan won’t be difficult unless my mum starts baby talking us and being surprised we’re capable of anything but I just really want her to have a good time and enjoy spending a week with us.

It’ll be nice to get out and see some places. On Sunday we’re heading to Vancouver for the night and spending all of monday doing a rocky mountain train ride to Whistler. I’m suuuuper excited because I haven’t been to Whistler yet and it’s like my dream place to be. 
I just can’t wait to get out there and take photos. Sadly Jordan isn’t coming to that one but I guess she can make the most of her late night hangouts with Wraith while we’re gone… seriously, she only came home at 6am this morning O.O

During the week we’ll be going to Tofino, Jordan will hopefully surfing a little bit and well, i don’t know what’s there but it’s supposedly beautiful so I’ll be shooting away with my camera a bunch.

We’re also gonna go to the pizza place in Coombs, it has grass on the roof and goats just hanging out, I hope they’re still there! I guess we could do that the day we go check out the waterfall seeing as it’s on the way there/back.

Not sure what we’ll do Wednesday but that about sums it up for her week here. I just really hope she enjoys it and there’s no arguments going down, i really don’t wanna deal with any of that.

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Name: Braden
Birthday: 30/9/1990

Favorite color: blue
Lucky number: 9
Height: 5’2
Talents: artistic things

Last dream you remember: something to do with donating a kidney
Can you juggle: nope!
Art/sports/both: love art, love sports, wish i took part in the latter more growing up.

Do you like writing: not in the slightest lol

Do you like dancing: only when no one is around ;) should have seen me when I painted up our apartment with Britney Spears on shuffle.
Do you like singing: I like to think i do, then i hear my voice and stop lol.


Dream vacation: ha! My dream vacation was to go to Whistler mtb park and well, i live not so far away from there now so I guess I can go do that at some point.

Dream person: jordan of course! didn’t know it until we got together.
Dream wedding: not the one we had but ah well.
Dream pet: alaskan malamute
Dream job: military. It was always to be a War Photographer, but now I’d love to be a pilot or just anything military.
Favourite song: pfff i don’t even know, right now? Probably Grace by Sage Francis.
Last song you heard on the radio: I think it was Blink 182 - rock show last week in the car idk.
Least favorite song:I forgot about this atrocity so i’m leaving in Evan’s submission - Hey Ya by Outkast.

Least favourite artist: never did like Van Gogh’s work. no offence buddy but you gave me a headache in college.


Guys/girls/both: jordan. 
Hair colour: Darker colours.
Eye colour: idk.

Humorous/serious: if you cant laugh at farts, we can’t be a thing.
Taller/shorter: same height ;P
Biggest turn-off: farting during the special naked time

Biggest turn-on: Self confidence, a sense of togetherness and honesty.

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Not getting much done in the way of sleep tonight. Jordan came to alert me that Vespa may need to come hangout with me as she’s really stressed.
That ginger cat kicked off again tonight and Jordan brought her inside before it got nasty, she then hid behind the couch.
I gave her some catnip to help chill her out and sprayed some pheromone spray we got from the vet for the flight last year.
We’ve since played with some toys and she’s inspected the fridge. Drank some water and seems to be a little bit better but she’s still really stressed out.
Jordan’s friend said we can call the SPCC in the morning and they will do something about the cat that’s causing all these problems.
I feel really bad for it because it’s probably being neglected, so hopefully they can sort it out.
And hopefully Vespa feels better soon :(

Jordan’s friend is here so I’m hiding out in the bedroom being unsociable.
But like, she keeps blowing her nose and it legit sounds like vigorous uncontrollable farts.
I’m trying my best not to laugh loudly but oh my god.

If I ever get to go to the moon, I’ll probably just stand on the moon and go: ‘Hmmm, yeah, fair enough, gotta go home now.
Noel Gallagher
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I love oasis.

I’m slowly tidying up the apartment in time for my mum to arrive in 3 days. So far I’ve cleaned the living room. I’m leaving the bedroom up to Jordan seeing as she has a bunch of stuff to organise and I’m gonna tidy the kitchen tomorrow.
I’ve been getting a lot of pain in the backs of my knees lately and idk what is causing it but it just constantly aches. :/