2/2 whistler photos.

didn’t see any bears but I got to see the mtb trails and bike park. Ugh, it was amazing walking around the village and there’s just the super expensive bikes locked up , or whizzing around everywhere. I went into the Garbanzo bike&bean place and my mum was like “you seen anything you like?” and I’m like “yeah. those bikes. yesyesyes”

The trip was really tiring but it was totally worth it. It’s given me even more motivation to absolutely definitely save up for next season and go out there for a few days. My mum wants to come and visit again so she said she’ll aim for May when the flights are a little cheaper. That’d be perfect because the snow it still on the mountains so I can get some picturesque shots too whilst I’m riding.

1/2 photos of our trip to Whistler. We went on the gondolas to do the peak2peak thing which takes you across the valley from Whistler mountain to Blackcomb mountain. Apparently it’s the highest (or second) of it’s kind and is 1400+ feet above the valley floor. fucking. scary. 

It’s 1.30am
And all I can say is holy crap I need sleep. What a day I have had. I’ll post photos tomorrow but uhhhh I did NOT want to leave whistler without riding that bike park :(

Going to Whistler today.

it’s 6am and i don’t care that it’s early. I’m so excited! I wish Jordan was coming along but meh, I suppose she’d only get stressed being out with us for more than an hour.

Proooobably won’t be back in Nanaimo until about 9-10pm tonight so today is going to be a long one.

but fucking whistler. holy crap.

Today ( i hope ) will be less stressful as my Dad is going to drive up rather than take the train trip with us, so I’ll have a bit of time one on one with my mum so they can give their bickering a rest.

We went to Duncan and Victoria today. They really enjoyed it. 

The totems in Duncan are absolutely beautiful, I’m really glad I got to stop and walk around this time. There was also a farmer’s market on and I got a really neat mobile for our bathroom. it’s got an anchor and driftwood. I’ll probably post a picture later. We got some food and then made a move because the rain got crazy.

The rain came down so heavy and then all of a sudden it just stopped, I guess we drove out of it because within 3 seconds we’d gone from not being able to see out of the window to sunshine.

On the way further down, we took a side road to Shawinigan to see some kind of lake. It was a loooong drive in the wrong direction but it was quite fun.

In Victoria, we wandered around a little, and then we decided to get a horse carriage back to the car. The horse that pulled us was named Ike. Cute little bugger he was!

And to finish up the day we just got some dinner at the lighthouse pub here in Nanaimo. I’ve been in before and their chicken strips are to die for. so yeah, today has been pretty great!

Tomorrow we’re off to Vancouver for the day, spending the night there and heading out to Whistler for all of Monday. Damn I’m so excited to see Whistler but I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be exhausting.

nightdestroyer You are terry crews.

Something else I did today:

I bought some face masks. I wanna try and do a little extra to clear up my skin so I’m gonna try and get into doing them on the regular. I got these ‘deep pore cleansing’ ones. idk, could just be a hyped up thing that doesn’t really work but damn my skin feels fiiiiine!

they were both bickering about who could figure out how to take a photo with my phone first. my mum took 4 with her finger over the lens so that one of my dad not smiling is the only one that came out lol

but yeah. these are my parents. it’s weird that they’re both here. together. :3

also it’s hilarious watching the two of them try to cross roads.

holy fuckin shit


I’m at the seaplane terminal waiting for my mum. 

plane lands, pulls in. people get off and collect their bags. It’s kinda far away so I can just about make out which one she is.

Typically, she’s the last one there because her bag is super heavy. Then I see her go over to another guy. they walk up the dock together.

Start to realize I recognize the guy’s jacket. Then I’m like WOAAH NO FUCKING WAY. It’s my dad. It’s my fucking Dad. HE MADE IT OUT HERE WTF

I talked to him 2 days ago and he said his passport wouldn’t be arriving for 6 weeks. It arrived Thursday morning just by chance.

He texted my mum this morning when she was on a 7.20am train to the airport saying he’ll meet her there. Even she was like wtf? 

He almost didn’t make it onto the flight. The only reason he got on was because someone else boarded with no luggage.

I cried. I just… stood there and cried whilst they walked up together.

So we go to the hotel and they book in. We mess around with this weird ass old coffee maker and I realize within 20 minutes of being with them my accent changed back to the one I had. Weeeeeird.

I introduced them to Tim Horton’s and then we walked downtown and I showed them the totem pole on Commercial st. My dad wants to see some live rock music tonight, informed him they don’t really have cider here and he’s like “welp. whens the next flight home?” haha.

So yeah, I’m back in the apartment for an hour and a half then we’re going to the pub we spotted to watch some band play. Might be good. Might be terrible but I’m just so happy they’re here. 

jordan and i had a fight this morning.

doesn’t matter, had sex.

so my order from the united store arrived. Along with a $47 customs fee -.-

but yeah, I’m stoked. I love it! The shorts are from the season before last but I love the pattern on them as opposed to just plain black which they usually have.