:/ I’m so anxious to get out on the trails and try out some decent sized jumps.

I think it’s the anticipation that I’ve had for years because I’ve never had the opportunity to try it, so I’m over thinking how it’ll feel going up the take off and clearing a gap. 

Back when I was learning to do jumps, my friend and I had a piece of wood and some bricks and we worked our way up from 2 bricks high to 4 or 5. We didn’t have much room to practice, just the alley way at the back of my house, so you had to go around the corner to take a run up and it was kinda tight.

I got 4 bricks high no problem, then when it came to 5, there just wasn’t enough room to get enough speed, and when I thought I’d nailed it, my friend had actually taken 2 extra bricks off for when I came around the corner. 

There were dirt jumps in the woods nearby but it was always full of chavs so I never liked going. One time I did, I managed a no footer over a hip but that was by chance lol. 

but yeah, it’s totally the gap jumps and especially the gap jumps which are also drop downs on steep descents that are making me anxious. I think I’m scared of 1, not clearing the gap or 2, having too much speed and crashing anyway.

I’m not going riding today but tomorrow I’m going to get Jordan to drop me off further up the road than she did last time and I know there’s some blue square trails up there which have jumps, and they lead directly down to the black diamond ones so hopefully I can get some practice in. But tomorrow is also friday and I’m anxious people will be hanging out around any practicable jumps (that happens) and thus, I’ll feel really nervous and just ride further down.

Anyway yeah, before this week is out, I’m dealing with this. I will clear a jump, or at least try. 

any playstation players out there wanna add my new account?



still trying to log into PSN. With the PS4, you have to pay to play online, so I guess it’s time I get myself a canadian PSN account.

Just made one and now its coming up with an error code when I try to log in. We had this problem last night but it eventually went away. ugh come onnnn.

Kona Tech FINALLY got back to me like 10 minutes ago. My frame takes 135x12. I GOT IT RIGHT! Awesome, so I can switch that no problem when it arrives.

135x12 is also the most awkward size to find as well, typically.

So, I’m a little frustrated that I didn’t find the trails I was looking for until Jordan was on her way to pick me up. Some of the jumps I saw were like, gapping over the road.. or like 10ft drop offs. I’m not used to anything that size and quite frankly, scares the crap out of me right now.
I think I found like, one jump which may be a decent size to practice on so good luck to me finding it again tomorrow or friday, whenever I go back.

I’m so amazed that I saw a bear. More so that it didn’t eat me. I’ve never seen them irl before, well except for zoos but they don’t count. But yeah, seeing wildlife here is still pretty special.

Jordan did an amazing job to ensure I enjoyed my birthday yesterday. I have to say, it’s the first one in my life I’ve ever really ‘enjoyed’. I usually get really down and depressed, I tend to feel guilty and all sorts on my birthday. Yesterday I was happy to just go and ride my bike and be alone in the woods, even though I didn’t get to do what I wanted to in there.

To come home to the surprise that she went and bought me things was really nice. At first I saw the presents and was like “oh no, she’s bought herself more stuff.” Then we took a bath together and she gave me the best back massage I think I’ve ever had. She continued it in bed with this stuff she got from Lush, and even though I don’t like feeling all greasy in bed, it was worth it. It sorted my back out good and proper!

Anyway, I’m about to tidy up a bit and then start playing Destiny. Jordan did a bit of it last night and it looks really good. The MMO part of it is really similar to ESO so that’s really cool, I love games when they’re designed like that. 

I got so lost today. I spent 3/4 of my time looking for the trails and by the time I did, I was too tired out to practise the jumps. This berm was the closest I could get to trying out a jump and it lead to a steep awkward descent so I was a bit hesitant to try and launch from higher up. Going back on Thursday to try some more now I know where they are.
Also I saw a bear when I was lost. Oh god.

Yay so I’m all set to go riding soon, Jordan is on her way home from school so we’ll be setting off soon.

I’ve found a good drop off point on the road that will lead immedietly to the start of some blue square trails, and they then lead onto a black diamond trail or two so I’ve definitely got some variety to try out today.

Taking body armour just in case. aw yiss.

invictusbro replied to your post:Weird, it’s 3 hours until my birthday, but it’s…

Happy more-or-less birthday!

nightdestroyer replied to your post:Weird, it’s 3 hours until my birthday, but it’s…

well i’ll prob be asleep by the time it’s your birthday here, so. happy birthday in advance :P

thanks guys :3 I usually hate my birthday but I think I’m turning it around this year. 

Weird, it’s 3 hours until my birthday, but it’s already been my birthday for 5 hours in England

Wait since when was David Price playing for the Tigers? I seriously have missed out this season. 

Evan is this what you listen to?

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are you and i gonna have a problem? :P

are you telling me you’re a yankee fan Evan? 

first red sox game I’ve been able to watch all year and its against the yankees at fenway. aw yiss.

Lol @ the paparazzi almost falling in the water whilst snapping photos of Clooney at his wedding.