I found a garter snake by the river. Didn’t like me much.

I deadlifted 140lbs for the first time today. Lol I tried to do it again after this video but noped it.

Haha so I’m looking at the list of things I wanna get for Airsoft and Jordan’s insisted to buy it for me and I’m all happy because she never ever wants to buy me shit lol.
She’s getting some inheritance over the next couple of weeks though so that’s partly why she’s willing to. The other part is because she wants me to have fun.
So I estimated that it’ll cost around 500 including taxes and shipping but I also wanna get a pistol and drop leg holster so I’m gonna see how much they cost too


Lol look at diddle

Playtime with Vespa :)

Okay so last night I slept in the living room because I was convinced Jordan was mad at me and I could barely sleep anyway. I managed about an hour? Then I was woken up to a very worried Jordan thinking I was leaving her so we cuddles for a while and I talked about what was upsetting me.
Then we decided we couldn’t sleep at all so around 4.20 we were gonna go to Tim Hortons and then watch a movie together. Only, we ended up watching a documentary on the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004.
It was really sad and distressing but it also got me thinking, holy crap that was like 10 years ago.
What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was being bullied in school and I was being bullied at home. My sister became more aggressive that year than she ever had and things reached their peak. I would runaway from home a lot, or just not come back at all. I remember saying that I refuse to go back until she’s gone and no one listened to me.
My dad’s house was the only place I felt safe and I would often just end up there.
In that time, I never felt like I would live long enough to see myself as I am today. I’ve come so far and yet I still feel the past breathing down my neck as if it were last week.
I haven’t spoken to my sister in years and I don’t plan to ever again. All I have left of that time is anger at the people who compromised the awful things I felt for the convenience of not having to deal with it.
It’s hard to gauge 10 years with what it is, a long time and a lot of time to grow and be who I am. But regardless of how short it feels, it has been a long time and I’m free of that now. I’m married and live in a beautiful place with an awesome cat. I’ve flown a plane and owned my own motorbike. I’ve seen some incredible parts of the world and made some incredible friends.
Despite a schooling environment being somewhat a hell for me, I finished college with top grades and I look back on those 4 years with nothing but good memories.
The best parts of my life, I have found, are the parts I’ve made happen for myself. I’ve had to do a lot of fighting to be where I am today and I think sometimes I just need to remember that things are ok now and no matter what, things won’t ever be like what 14 year old me lived through. And well fuck, if I survived that, I can survive anything.

Wow so cypionate is way easier on the pain scale than enantate and sustanon. 5 and a half years of anxious painful shots for what? I could’ve been on this the whole time. I like it :3 next shot in 10 days, I’ve made alarms on my phone to remind me.

Awesome so a few people responded and they seem nice enough. A couple of people just ‘liked’ the post and I think that’s about equivalent to me being like “oh hey, I’m here I see this but I’m just gonna let you initiate conversation”

Anyway They said I should come with my own airsoft gun and some protection so I’m gonna have to buy that first.
I also mentioned that I’m a photographer by trade so if they’d be up for me shooting them with a camera that can happen. No one mentioned it and I hope they don’t assume I want money for it because I don’t.
Anyway whatever, I’m probably gonna go in a few weeks once I have some gear and a means to get there and back.

Also my lecturer from college liked the post so I guess all the people I currently know saw that too.

Ok I did it. I posted in the airsoft group in Nanaimo.
:3 *ambitiously awaits replies*

Dom mazzetti was right when he said “the day you started lifting is the day you became forever small” because damn I feel small today. :(

Aw man so I was really into finding out what happened to that plane that went missing from Malaysia airlines a few months so but I very gradually put more and more space between checking the news. I cheeks yesterday and I can’t find a damn this because now another plane from the same airline has been shot down and that’s a big deal so I guess it’s still a mystery.